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For Hire:

  • Two Creative Writing Master's Students

  • One Videographer

  • One Game Designer

  • One Digital Artist

  • One Programmer

  • One Illustrator

Greetings, to those piqued by the macabre and desolate- or alternatively, the beautiful, the sublime, the interesting.

This website will be a bench perfectly placed in front of a beautiful view- it's intentions are a meeting place, a resting spot, for showcasing creators.


Profiling; a self-published writer and Creative Writing MA student, a Creative Writing MA Student and business founder, a musician who manipulates media, a games designer, a junior artist, a programmer and a graphic designer. 

We're available for freelance work, seeking opportunities to expand our portfolios, and striving to branch out into respective industries. Please check individual pages for those available for work.

The Writer's 'Motivations'

About Us;

The Videographer's 'Vision'

The Latest.

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