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Breaking Bird Part 1; Gig Review

Breaking Bird- Part 1. 14/03/24 Klute County Durham

The gig started at around 20:30 with the first act of the night with a 45 minute set; Evan Jermyn. Evan is a 22 year old up and coming indie musician based in County Durham. Although he has a limited number of gigs under his belt, Evan spends a lot of his free time busking around the North East of England, including Durham City and Newcastle. 

Armed with his acoustic guitar and an evident passion for softcore indie vibes, Evan split his set into a mix of covers and original songs. Up first he explored an original single called Arrival. The crowd drifted themselves into positions around the bar and front of stage, with slow feet tapping in time with his tunes. By the third song, a cover of Moon Tower- Far Caspian, he had relaxed into his music and his vocal range improved; the crowd garnering more interest. Evan’s original songs; Arrival, Have We Been Here Before, It’s Burning A Hole In You, Moon, and Searching - visibly displayed his passion and talents, along with a cover of Alex G’s Break: one of Evan’s most favoured musicians. Overall his set was incredibly well received, with the crowd rallying around him after every song he played, the support reverberating in the room by his finale. Evan should be incredibly proud, and pleased with himself as I’m sure that he will continue to be so well received at any future gigs he should play.

The Keemons 

A four-piece hard rock/ pop/ synth band based in the North-East, The Keemons tend to play gigs in Durham City Centre, and Newcastle. Vocalist, guitarist and keytarist, Dillon Blevins, is the main face of The Keemons; designer and developer of their merchandise, as well as their promoter. The band is incredibly active on social media, showing an insight into their lives behind the scenes and the chemistry they have which allows them to truly mesh together on stage. The Keemons have recently released some original singles on Spotify; I Feel It All The Time and Candy in 2023, and Silicon Valley, and Do What You Want in 2024. The band have been particularly busy recently, with three shows back-to-back, starting with Breaking Bird- Part 1 on the 14th March, and finalising with a St Patrick’s day gig at The Library in Durham Centre on the 17th March. 

The headliner act of the night took to the stage around 23:30 with their set that included their original singles, as well as some covers of some incredibly well known songs. The crowd grew increasingly hyped as their set continued, hitting covers from Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, Maneskin, Ricky Martin and Billy. Idol The room shook as the crowd whooped and cheered, screams of “Dilloooooon” bouncing off the walls at the conclusion of each song. The energy in the room was electric when Dillon pulled out the keytar for some of their original singles. The talent and chemistry of the band was evident in their stage presence, despite their relatively short time playing together. 

In all, the gig was thrilling from start to finish, with Wazy Goose and Exit, supporting in between Evan’s and The Keemons’ sets. I hope this is a collaboration that appears again in the future, and it would be beautiful to see them begin to play in other areas of the North-East as they garner a name for themselves as fun, exciting, and dynamic musicians. 

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