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Welcome to BenchMark~Media

BenchMark~Media is a collaborative site in which creators gather to collate one big portfolio, building working relationships and aiding each other in branching out in their respective industries. Spawned from one writer's dream of creating a website to demonstrate their skills -with an innovative realisation that they could expand to include the works and ideas of their friends in alternate medias- BenchMark~Media was formed. Although the site is in its early days, there is intention and inspiration for growth into something far greater than just an ideological vision. 

As it stands, BenchMark~Media was designed and created by our first resident writer; Georgia Goodson-Platts, with help from our first resident Videographer; Benjamin Smith. Portfolios for both are the biggest features on our site- please visit the "Writer's Portfolio" and "Videographer's Portfolio" to view their work. 

Sam Jenkins is the designer of our logo, the first Games Designer to join our site; he currently has a feature page, from which you will be able to explore his own website that showcases more of his projects.


Richard (Ricky) Catterson is our youngest contributor, a junior digital artist that is utilising BenchMark~Media as a beginner portfolio outside of Instagram.

Jack Travis is the first Programmer to join the site, although gainfully employed Jack is using BenchMark to showcase a portfolio of the significant work he did as president of his university's LGBTQ+ society, and some examples of the productions of his programming.

Aisha Lama is the site's first official poet, and founder of Write Yourself Well. WYW is a business that provides tailored online creative writing workshops. Aisha's work is regularly being published in magazines, and she has a self-published Creative Writing Prompts booklet. 

James Burke is an illustrator, printmaker and woodworker, based primarily in the Tees Valley area. His work usually consists of promotional material for live music events across the North-East, along with some merchandise creation.

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