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The Writer's 'Motivations'

Georgia Goodson-Platts;
Creative Writing MA Student, Founder of BenchMark~Media,
Self-Published Author

The ultimate goal is to showcase and present some of my creations as examples of the flexible nature of my writing abilities. This website is a presentation of my skills, abilities, and absolute adoration for teasing the English Language to propel my thoughts into coherence- with the aim to reach and inspire whomever stumbles across it. My inspirations are many, and free-flowing, I have found myself to nestle within the 'Dark and Depressing' as a comforting blanket, but nevertheless it does not tie me down. 

As a graduate from Teesside University, I am currently based in the County Durham region searching for; internship or apprenticeship within the publishing and editing industries; freelance/self-employed writer for blogs and websites; opportunities to expand my portfolio.

I currently do not have much experience in the industry, however I am absolutely willing to take on challenging opportunities. If you are willing to contact my academic references they can assure you of my dedication to deadlines, and drive for stimulating content. Alternatively my working references (Zapatista) will demonstrate my absolute passion for the highest quality and standards, a strive to collectively inspire those same standards into my colleagues around me, and an unrivalled dedication to speed, service, and willingness to overcome challenges. 

I am by no means limited to this singular type of creation, for what is life without the ability to be flexible?

I could tell you about how, like every other aspiring writer, "I've been writing since I could hold a pen," but I really think that sentence holds absolutely no worthwhile information at all. Haven't we all been writing since we could hold a pen? No, instead, I want to tell you that I was invested in stories far before I could hold a pen; before I could write a letter, a word, or a sentence that runs on a little too long. I have (in)finite memories of my dad reading me to sleep with fables, Beatrix Potter, and Jill Tomlinson, or making them up, telling me of princesses and dragons that did silly, mundane things. Along with pleny of 'no-eyed-deer' jokes. But writing stories probably didn't start until I was in my later years of primary school.


Primary school classes dictated a strict, beginning, middle, end policy; along with sentences enunciated with dashing descriptors, simple similes and commas, commas everywhere. Yet, I still fell in love. Writing of the brilliantly beautiful elf dashing across the land to save the last dragon egg (perhaps I was a little too influenced by Eragon, and Dragon-Keeper). I adored the way that a nuance in written language - as young as I was, my reading skills were vastly superior to my social - could so easily determine the creation of the picture in my head. I was captured, enthralled. I devoured fiction at a greater length than informative work, but everything held my attention. Nothing would stop me. At one point, nearly every book I could find in the house had been read cover to cover- excluding the ones my brother refused to ‘loan’ me (The House on Falling-Star Hill has still escaped my grasp). As a young adolescent I would read over the scrap newspapers that I had to lay out to polish my school shoes on. I would write stories about all of the fantasy creatures that inspired me; amalgamating them into one horrendously built 3 page ‘beginning’ that would inevitably be abandoned for the next ‘greatest idea yet’. I've since learned this isn't too dissimilar too Briony from Atonement- slightly to my dismay. I remember a particular submission for a short-story contest for kids that was well….on the disturbing side of horrifying; I had not long since discovered Darren Shan and oh wondrous, Stephen King. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic was not as gentle as it's name may suggest.


I think every aspiring ‘writer’ has a dark period. A place they don’t like to say is a little too comfortable to present; but a period that has ultimately aided them in their craft, and approaching themselves. As an angsty teen I explored ‘expressing my emotions’ in a positive manner, by directly presenting every possible negative attribute of myself into numerous characters of numerous notebooks that have since burned into non-existence. And it helped. It didn’t fix my problems, but it helped. I’ve veered away from fantasy, as I would get far too wound up in all the IF’s of creating a new world. But I have found I’m far better at interpreting and relaying the real world, that exists around myself, and others. I believe that fundamentally my mission as a writer in this world, is to give a voice to stories that are unbelievable to tell, that are indescribable in their pains, and tribulations, to aid people in healing and understanding. And maybe, that dark period it seems, was not so much a period, and instead an elipses...

I was thoroughly enthralled creating my more 'academic-standard' work throughout University, and briefly dabbled in some blog-work for a company before they took their website in a new direction. The thirst for knowledge never satiates as I love analysing film, T.V and most media. I've prepared and directed personal interviews for University work. I can also adapt the language I'm using for the appropriate audience- you could argue that there are a few words in here that may question that statement, but I believe I must appear ever-professional.

Teesside University English Studies (with Creative Writing) Graduate

Work History


KFC - 2014 - 2016/ 2021

North East Convivence Stores - 2017

Tees Active - 2018 - 2019

Supervisor, Zapatista - 2021 - Present

Teesside University;

MA Creative Writing; 2023- 2024 Currently Studying

BA Hons English Studies with Creative Writing - 2:1

Class of 2020

Durham Sixth Form Centre;

BTEC's; Computing; Creative Media Production (Games Design); C.M.P 90 Credit Extended - Distinction* x3

Class of 2016

True Facts

I've flown a plane, and I worked for a year on a 50ft climbing-frame structure, and I've assisted the wife of an elderly man in an emergency situation in the middle of the Lake District.

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