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Aisha Lama
Founder of Write Yourself Well


Aisha, founder of Write Yourself Well, is a poet based in Middlesbrough. She graduated with First Class Honours in English and Creative Writing in 2023 and is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing alongside working on her first collection of poems. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and has special interests in eco and ekphrastic poetry. She has performed spoken word poetry for  events run by Sunday Girl; Assist Women’s Network and My Sister’s Place.

Alongside her writing qualifications, Aisha is studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills, and is incredibly passionate about writing for wellbeing. She is planning on publishing her first collection in 2024.

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Current publications include:

Snowdrops Allegro Poetry Issue 31

Done Sunday Girl Issue 12

Is it wrong to crave their approval? Sunday Girl Issue 12

Let's Make Menstruation Mainstream; Reclaiming the Narrative Around Periods Sunday Girl Issue 12

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Aisha's writing services include; content for blogs; articles; poems and poetic messages. 

She is specifically interested in engaging with businesses, communities and charitable organisations to collaborate on writing for wellbeing workshops.

As well as this, she is particularly keen to work in collaborative partnerships with businesses to utilise her poetic skills to be utilised in part as their marketing materials. 

Furthermore, Aisha is available to perform her poetry at events, and pertains the skills to write original pieces tailored to specific themes or topics. She has a wealth of experience as a spoken-word performer and sincerely enthuses about upcoming opportunities to exercise this.

Below is an example portfolio of the type of poetry that Aisha produces; including some of the pieces made to publication.

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I am sleek and sensual
presenting myself for display
the mirror: a stark reflection

She is brave- a mask worn to save face
reaching heights that can only be dreamt of;
carrying weights you will never feel

You have curves, lumps, bumps and marks:
a history of your battles and wars
you have power in your words

Masculine energy oozing
through feminine features:
delicately robust

Writing Yourself Well

Writing is human
our words- a fingerprint, blueprint of experiences shared
stories to be told and tales to be heard
finding your voice and putting it in words

Writing is connection
from body to paper
embodiment of an idea- creation of a realisation
then being brave enough to start reflecting

Writing is peace
a sense of self, a moment, a feeling
material made of us- raw: vulnerable
an opportunity to make tough times sufferable

Writing is freedom,
hearts, minds and souls flowing through ink
leaving behind a piece of our identity- immortal

Let's Make Menstruation Mainstream; Reclaiming the Narrative Around Periods (Excerpt)

Periods; the hot topic of conversation across many platforms, from angsty teenagers on TV to Instagram influencers and their squeaky clean menstrual cup advertisements, it’s time to put the reality back into menstruation. Of course, there are well-portrayed examples of menstruation in literature, Jacqueline Wilson was never afraid to open up conversations about periods, sex and all things taboo. However, too often, the only imagery we see is a young girl starting her period filled with shame or an older woman going through menopause, also filled with shame. I’m not suggesting these stories should stop; rather, we should advocate for the in-between, realistic, and honest portrayals. Even in period product advertising, blood has, up until recently, been represented by water. So the question begs: Why is everyone still so bloody scared of periods?

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